I'm Leo and I teach diversity awareness training, focusing on Disability and Transgender issues. 


I am Transgender and I identify as a Transman. I began my transition in 2011, I believe that in those 7 years society has already begun to take steps to become more accepting of Transgender identities. However, there is still a long way to go! 


I have a physical disability, Athetoid Cerebral Palsy which I have had from birth. I have never let my disability get in the way of living a fufilling life. With assistance, I have traveled to other countries, had once in a life time experiences and formed long lasting relationships.


I am passionate for people to understand that somebody who has a servere disability like mine is still able to live life just as successfully as somebody who is able bodied. It is often forgotten that people with disabilities have a sexuality, whether gay, bisexaul, pansexual, straight (there are many more).  


Like myself, some may also have a gender identity which differs from what is so called “normal". They may identify as Transgender: a Transman, or Transwomen. Or Non-binary, GenderFluid. 

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