Through open speaking and discussion, I hope to encourage people to think differently about people who are Transgender and people with disabilities. Asking questions about subjects that they would never normally feel comfortable about asking, for example, disability and sex. We know that most people can feel uncomfortable discussing sex at the best of times,  however when bringing disability into the conversation and I can guarantee some red faces! 


I have given talks to people training to be care assistants and students completing nursing degrees to encourage them to understand their clients, beyond just their physical needs. In a society where people feel more comfortable about being true to their gender identity, there is more need for those in a caring role to understand these different identity. Whether this is in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, care homes or in a domiciliary setting.


I like to work with small groups on a  interactive basis and also give lecture style training to large groups. I try to alter my training to suit the audience. For example with care assistants or nurses, I may enter into detail about gender reassignment surgeries, recovery processes and how these could be more challenging with certain physical disabilities.


With a group of young people, I may concentrate on the social aspects such as explaining transphobia, or how people with physical disabilities can sometimes feel patronised by how they are treated by others


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TRANS Awareness Training


Trans* is an inclusive term used to include anybody with identities on the gender spectrum, excluding Cis-men and Cis-women. The umbrella includes: all non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming identities, eg: genderfluid, genderqueer, non-binary, agender, genderless, bigender, third gender and two-spirit. As well as binary identities: transmen and transwomen, transgender, transsexual.


This training is up to an hour and a half in length.

Recommended: hour for students

Hour and 50 minutes for professionals


My training is suitable for adult students and professionals


An introductory discussion about “What is gender?”

Suitable for: students and professionals 


The differences between sexuality and gender

Suitable for: students and professionals 


Understanding Trans* related terminology and definitions of identities

Suitable for: students  and professionals 


Why the correct pronouns are important

Suitable for: students and professionals 


Introduction, group person experiences with Trans*

Suitable for: students and professionals 


Which terminology and language which should/ should not be used

Suitable for: students 


Explaining social transitioning

Suitable for: students and professionals 


Explaining medical transitioning

Suitable for: professionals 


What is Transphobia, how to stop it and not to be a part of it

Suitable for: students and professionals 


My personal experience:

Being a gay disabled trans man

Suitable for: students and professionals 


Conclusion, questions and helpful resources

Suitable for: students and professionals 



less than 50 =£170

50-100= £200


less than 50 =£200

50-100= £230


+ expenses incurred 

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